Approximately $83 per person in the US is spent on hair care products each year. This expenditure averages out to around $6 each month for every consumer in the home. Generally, people take personal hygiene seriously and care about having healthy, well-groomed hair. There are several steps that people can take to ensure healthier hair.

Live Healthier and Decrease Stress

A major way to improve the health of your hair is to decrease stress levels, eat a nutritious diet, take natural Supplements rich in proteins, and exercise. Getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night and not smoking will also enrich the health of your hair.

Getting 6-8 hours of sleep each night and not smoking will also enrich the health of your hair.

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Protect Your Hair from Chemicals

If you workout at a health club, you may frequent the pool or hot tub several times a week. It may not seem fashionable but wearing a swim cap will protect your hair from harmful exposure to chlorinated water that can dry out your hair and make it brittle. If you decide not to wear a swim cap, rinse off in the shower before entering the pool. Wet hair will not soak up as much chlorinated water as opposed to dry hair. Make sure you properly wash and condition your hair after swimming, so you effectively get all traces of the chlorinated water out.

If possible, it is better to swim in a saltwater pool or one with a more natural filtering method like an ionized cleaning system. However, those types of pools are not readily available to everyone. Chlorine works well to protect us from harmful bacteria in the water. However, it is not helpful for maintaining healthy hair or skin.

Limit Heat Exposure

Consistently using a hair dryer each day can damage your hair by drying it out and causing breakage. When leasing a dryer, don’t hold it too close to your hair. Rather, keep the dryer at arms’ length from your head. Drying your hair this way can be inconvenient because it will take longer. However, if you want to protect your hair, you need to limit heat exposure.

Another way to prevent split ends from blow drying your hair is to use a dryer that has a cooler setting. Again, this can take longer to dry your hair, but limiting the heat will help you maintain healthier hair. Of course, the optimal hair drying method is to gently pat it dry with a towel and let it air dry. Now, you may not have time to do this while getting ready for work. You could wash your hair in the evenings and let it air dry at night.

Gentle Brushing Is Better

After washing your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to brush it and gently remove any tangles. Many wide-toothed combs have small rubber end caps on the teeth which are better for your hair and scalp. Sharper bristles can damage your hair and possibly scratch your scalp. Gently brushing wet hair is an important factor in preventing split ends.

Regarding brushes, it is better to use one that has natural bristles such as animal hair instead of one that has plastic bristles. If possible, it is better for your hair if you brush it once it has dried. Wet hair is extremely susceptible to damage from hard brushing

Make sure you keep your brush and comb dean by daily

removing any hair it catches. Remove the hair from your brush or comb daily so that it’s easier to manage when brushing. Clean the brush or comb in a mild cleanser and water a few times a month. Rubbing alcohol or vinegar and water can be used to disinfect the brush or comb.

Smarter Hair Washing

One important factor to remember is that wet hair is very fragile. You don’t need to roughly scrub your hair and scalp to ensure that it is effectively dead. Gentle scrubbing of your scalp and hair is preferred. If your hair is longer than shoulder length, do not scrub it and tangle it up on your head like you always see in shampoo commercials. The part of your hair that produces oils and can cause the greasy look through the ends of your hair is the roots. Your scalp is the most important part to wash to prevent oily looking hair. Use a smaller portion of shampoo. However, this also depends on how long and full your hair is.

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