Is your closet full of garments you wore the once-in a changing room and then cast aside? Ladies, you’re familiar with the problem. A flash of color here, the lure of a favorable price tag there, and hey presto; you’ve purchased more clothes that will never see the light of day. Your behavior, although common among women, is expensive and wasteful, not to mention bulky. Here’s how to stop buying dresses, skirts, jeans-you name it-you won’t want once you reach your front door.

Why you buy unsuitable clothes

It’s important to understand the problem before you can change. Most women, prone to purchasing unsuitable clothes, convince themselves the opposite is true when they lay payment for their inappropriate wares on the shop counter.

You never buy an item of clothing you imagine is not right for you. At the moment you see it, love blinds you. That’s right ladies, you are in love with that shiny waistcoat or denim mini dress doomed to live at the back of your closet.

The rush of feel-good chemicals that floods your body is like a new romance. You don’t notice the way those skinny shorts you’re about to select will make your thighs bulge unattractively. Nor do you recognize the fact the shiny red stilettos you want are not useful because you can’t walk in heels.

You are in love. Even if your new romantic clothing item or accessory screams “you can’t wear sequins to the office,” you persuade yourself it will be useful work wear.

A few days or weeks after making a poor clothing choice you recognize your blunder. You slip on the dress you bought to Wear to parties and discover it’s too short. When you bend over, you’ll expose your rear view. Or the jeans you purchased to transform your appearance, in a good way, have bulky pockets that make your derriere look massive.

Consider these questions and your closet, and purse will sigh with relief. Plus, when you reach for clothes to wear in the morning they will actually be wearable and attractive.

Questions to consider before buying clothes

Does the garment fit?

Unless you’re a dab hand with a needle and thread, and enjoy sewing, you won’t alter ill-fitting clothes. Don’t listen to the sales assistant in your head who tells you you’ll sim into that teeny pair of dungarees or shift dress either. She’s not on your side. She just wants a quick dopamine rush.

Is the garb designed for the body shape it must clothe?

Plenty of clothes look fabulous on their hangers. Mostly, they suit skinny women. If you’re svelte, congratulations. You can wear them successfully. Average to large ladies, however, throw their hands up in despair when they try to squeeze into them. The lesson provided by this example is to try clothes on before purchasing them.

Remember clothes suit different shaped women and learn the basics about how to recognize the right garments for you. Ruffles on the chest, for instance, are unattractive on big busted ladies and baggy clothes will make a short woman looks like she has the girth of a giant redwood.

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