Everyone knows that things like dyes and excessive heat will damage hair and cause split ends, but there are several other things you’re probably doing that are damaging your hair without your knowledge. To have happier, healthier hair, try to refrain from these eight common hair care errors almost everyone makes.

Showering with water that’s too hot

It’s widely known that applying heat to your hair in the form of a curling or straight iron can damage strand health, but have you thought about the temperature of the water you’re showering with? Shampooing with extremely hot water can have equally damaging effects and over time can even cause your hair to become more dry, frizzy and broken. Instead, try using cool to lukewarm water to wash and rinse your hair, even if you like your showers piping hot

Using the wrong brush

Not all hair brushes are created equal. Depending on your hair type, it will respond differently to different brushes. A good rule of thumb, however, is not to use brushes with bristles that are incredibly stiff or unforgiving. Sure, the harder brushes may seem like they untangle your hair quicker, but sometimes it’s better to take your time with a softer brush and prevent your ends from breaking. Remember also to periodically update your brush-hair brushes that have bent or broken bristles will tear at your hair, causing premature breakage and split ends.

Brushing too often

If you’ve seen the old movies where a woman is seated in front of her vanity mirror, counting strokes as she brushes her hair, you probably believe that quantity equals quality when it comes to brushing. While it may seem like more is better, but the opposite is true. You should only brush your hair to remove loose strands and work out tangles anything more is overkill and may stress your hair into breakage. Once you can pass your brush through your hair without hitting any tangles or knots, you should stop.

Not getting regular trims

Especially if you’re aiming to obtain long, luscious locks, it might not seem logical to regularly cut your hair, but frequent trims actually promote healthier, stronger hair. Lopping an inch or so every few months keeps the strands of your hair from getting tired and splitting at the end, which leads to uncontrollable, frizzy and unhealthy hair.

Putting oil or product on your hair before drying it

If you’re already concerned about your hair health, there’s a good chance that you’re using a post-shower leave-in conditioner or hair oil. Common choices like argan oil, Moroccan oil, and keratin-infused blends can help keep your hair shiny and healthy, but you need to be careful when you apply them. If you’re working oils like these through your hair directly after your shower but before you lose your hairdryer, you’re risking damage to your ends. The reason for this is that oils heat incredibly quickly; when exposed to heat from hair dryers or curlers, they retain hot temperatures and can actually burn and damage your hair. For this reason, always be sure to apply any oil or product after drying, straightening or curling your hair.

Using too much product

When one product promises sleek hair and the next swears it’s going to make your curls shine like diamonds, it’s tempting to start piling on conditioners and serums thinking your hair’s going to be happy and healthy. The truth is that the healthiest hair is usually hair that’s had minimal exposure to products. Sure, if used in moderation they don’t hurt (and can even help), but slathering your hair with different chemicals and contents will likely weigh it down, stress it out, and cause it to break or become damaged.

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